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Le Penseur

I started experimenting with this design in January 2021. First in pencil and Posca marker. Now often mixing Posca with acrylpaint, spraypaint and wasco sticks.

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Exhibition of my drawing of Clint Eastwood

This is a pencil-drawing I made in May 2016 of Clint Eastwood, based on a black and white photograph I found on Pinterest (see here). From November 2019 ten litho’s are exhibited at Galerie Peter Leen in Breukelen, Holland: http://www.galeriepeterleen.nl

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Popart paintings ‘Black & White’

My Popart series ‘Black & White’, painted with an acrylpaint-marker, of Clint Eastwood, Miles Davis, Ben Stiller, Salvador Dali, David Bowie and Nick Cave. They’re all based on my earlier pencil-drawings of them. Acrylpaint marker on paper – 2019-2020

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Drawing of David Bowie

My drawing of David Bowie

I finished this pencildrawing of David Bowie in November 2019. It took me about two months to draw it. Crazy enough, during the the months that I was drawing, I suddenly saw the same photograph everywhere on billboards in Amsterdam. The drawing is based on a photograph of © Gavin Evans, see for photograph here. Pencildrawing […]

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Drawing of Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn is one of my favourite photographers that I use for my drawings. Especially his black & white portrait-photographs. I have based this drawing of mine on a photograph of © Stephan Vanfleteren, see here. Pencildrawing –February-2016

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My drawing of Salvador Dali

I made this pencil-drawing of Salvador Dali in May 2017, based on one of the most famous black & white photographs of Salvador Dali, made by © Philippe Halsman and is called ‘Dali’s Mustache’.

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