(Image: part of Salvador Dali – spraypaint and stencil)

April 2021 – May 2021:
Publicity for Martina Schneider: her book Mind2HeartShift – 202 Publishers.
From your mind to your heart. The 7 secrets to a happy live. Publishing date: beginning of may.

In progress.

November 2020 – May 2021:
Publicity for the new book of Oei, ik groei! BACK TO YOUFontaine Uitgevers.
Mediacampagne for the new book of Xaviera Plas Plooij: Oei, ik groei! Back to you, which will be published on the 6th of May.
In progress.

November 2020 – Maart 2021:
Publicity for RENEW THE BOOK.
Big mediacampagne for the Innovation Award of RENEW THE BOOK, the incentive price for innovation in the bookbranche: Award: 30 March.
Interviews in newspapers: on homepage and AD/werk; Volkskrant; Nederlands Dagblad; Parool; NH Dagbladen VRIJ Magazine.
And interview on NOS Radio 1, and article in Margriet and VPRO Magazine.

Oktober 2020 – December 2020:
Publicity for the book Groeiboek voor opvoeders by Lili Genee Pirayesh.
Publicity for the new book of Lili Genee Pirayesh – writer of the bestseller Vullen of Voeden, een wegwijzer voor ouders and the book Wedden dat het lekker is, and owner of the platform vullenofvoeden. Lili is the wife of well known radio- and tv-presentor Wilfred Genee. The new book GROEIBOEK VOOR OPVOEDERS will be published at the end of Januari 2021.
Interviews in Algemeen Dagblad; in NH Dagbladen weekendmagazine FIT; Vriendin; Weekend; Talkies; Linda Online; 100% NL Special Jong Gezin; and on servoral lifestyleblogs.
Guest at NH Radio June tot Twaalf; and BNR The Friday Move co-host together with her husband Wilfred Genée.

Oktober 2020 – November 2020:
Publicity for well known TV-programmer and presenter Lauren Verster.
Publicitycampagne for the launch of the new platform Wonderhood on 5 November from famous TV presenter, programmer, journalist and writer Lauren Verster. Wonderhood is a platform with video’s and articles of exciting new science and experiments. No lifestyle and fashion, but surprising, enticing and scientific items that broaden the mind.
Publicity among others:
*TV and Radio: 4 November guest at Radio Veronica Middagshow; 5 November guest at Tijd voor Max TV show; 5 November guest at 5 Uur Live TV show; 6 November guest at Radio BNR – The Friday Move.
*Magazines and Newspapers: interviews in: Trouw; NoordHollandse Dagbladen; Libelle; Ouders van Nu ‘Tafelmanieren’; KekMama; Nieuwe Revu; Panorama; Glossy Magazine; BeauMonde.

May 2020 – December 2020:
Marketing, publicity & events for two cookbooks of Becht – Gottmer Publishers

Ellen Hoog and Kelvin de Lang – HEM versus HAAR – 18-11-2020
Publicity campaign:
*Newspapers: 4 page interview in Telegraaf Vrouw Weekendmagazine; AD Newspaper interview; NH Dagbladen duo-interview in weekendmagazine VRIJ; Parool PS Magazine interview Ellen in ‘Mijn Amsterdam’.
*Radio & TV: 16 November report by RTL Boulevard TV; 17 november guest at TV show Tijd voor Max; 7 December guest at TV Morningshow Koffietijd; Radio 1 NPO Miss Podcast; NH Radio June tot Twaalf as guest.
*Magzines: Allerhande 4 pages interview & fotoshoot; Foodies: interview New Years Resolutions in the kitchen; Libelle interview Ellen: ’20 questions’; Libelle Culinair Special duo interview; Libelle TV: interview Ellen and Kelvin ‘Lockdown-couples and their habbits’; Ouders van Nu interview Ellen in ‘Tablemanners’; Talkies interview Ellen in Beauty section; Weekend Winterspecial: bookmention; Wendy Magazine: duo-interview, book review and recipe; BeauMonde interview; 100%NL interview.
*Online teasercampagne The Battle is On! 4 short movies for social media for the holiday season.
*Launch event: Due to Covid we couldn’t organise an event, so we chose to compost a Hem versus Haar Date Night Box for 25 influencers, containing: the cookbook HEM vs HAAR, sponsored meals of Gourmet Group (2 meals from the cookbook) and sponsored tablecloth and tableware by Sissy Boy.
*Social Media campaign with the 4 short movies and with several culi-and lifestyle bloggers.

Charlotte de Jong – CHARLIE’S KITCHEN – 23-09-2020
Publicity: on 25 September guest at NH Radio – ‘Van June tot 12’;
Magazines and newspapers: Interview &C Beauty Special 4 pages; Interview & recipes in Fab Mama 3 pages; Interview in JAN Magazine ‘Wat is jouw comfortfood?’; Interview in Libelle Culi Special Lekker & Licht; Review in culi section of Margriet; interview in weekendmagazine VRIJ of NH Dagblad; 6 pages in Santé ‘De leefstijl van…’; Review in Viva with recipes; 6 page interview and recipes in Vriendin Balans Special.
Online: big social media campagne together with 50 bloggers (to start with)

April 2020 – August 2020:
Publicity & events for twelve projects & books for A.W. Bruna Publishers


Wesley dos Santos – ONDERNEMEN ALS EEN BAAS – non-fiction Lev. – pub date 01-09-2020.
As Guest at Radio 1 Stax en Toine; interview on Radio.
Newspapers and magazines: Interview in AD newspaper (spread); interview AD Rotterdam; Interview in Talkies Magazine in the business section; Interview in FHM; Booktip in Viva; Review in Regionale dagbladen Noord-Holland; interview in Masters Expo.
Reviews en interviews online: interview on WorkJuice, Intermediair and on; Review on De Ondernemer; Interview with Masters of Luxury. Also see Recent PR!

Nanne van der Leer – LICHT LEVEN – non-fiction Lev. pub datum 21-07-2020.
Interviews in magazines: &C Magazine, Cosmo, Happy in Shape, Harpers Bazaar, Libelle Gezond Special, Vriendin (in the Balans Special), Wendy Magazine Online and on WorkJuice.
Reviews in Happinez, article in Viva, and review in Women’s Health, Gooische and ZIN Magazine.
Big influencer-event in StrandZuid plus online influencer-campagne.

Mark van Vugt – LUCY, DARWIN & LADY GAGA – non-fiction Lev. – pub date 21-07-2020.
Guest at Radio 1 dr. Kelder en Co and guest at Radio 1 NTR Focus ‘Lezen in het Donker’.
Newspapers: 2 page interview in Telegraaf, interview in AD, interview in Regionale Dagbladen by Theo Hakkert, review in Trouw.
Interviews and reviews in Psychologie Magazine, Ad Valvas, Nederlandse Boekengids of Universiteit van Groningen, Public Affairs Academie. Interviews with PW Vakmedia, op Scientias and Tijdschrift voor Maatschappij & Politiek.

Judi Ketteler – NOOIT MEER LIEGEN? – non-fiction Lev. – pub date 02-07-2020.
Publicity in newspapers: Interviews in NRC and Trouw Tijd Magazine.
Interviews in Talkies (2 pages) and Psychologie Magazine (6 pages).
Articles and reviews in magazines: &C Magazine (4 pages), Elle, Flair, Grazia, Happinez, Plus Magazine, Viva, Vriendin, Weekend.
Reviews on LeesMagazine and The Optimist.

Bianca Pitzorno – DE STOF IN HAAR HANDEN – novel Signatuur – pub date 07-07-2020.
Articles and reviews in: Parool Newspaper, Flair, Marie Claire, Margriet special love & relationships, Plus Magazine, Tros Kompas, Zin Magazine, House of Italy, Italië Magazine, Smaak van Italië, LeesMagazine. And on several blogs as Hebban, Dolce Vita, Ciao Tutti and Perfecte Buren.

Richard Russo – ER IS EEN KANS – novel Signatuur – pub datum 30-06-2020.
Interviews and articles in newspapers: interview 2 pages in FD Persoonlijk; interview in Parool; half page review in ND bijlage Gulliver; review in Telegraaf.
Articles and reviews in magazines: &C Magazine Zomerspecial, Libelle, VPRO gids and Villa d’Arte.
Online a.o. interview with 8Weekly, review in LeesMagazine, on, Boekenbijlage, Boekenflits and New Royalty World.

Lisa Jewell – DE MENSEN BOVEN ONS – thriller A.W. Bruna – pub date 26-05-2020.
Articles and reviews in: Margriet, Kek Mama, Telegraaf Vrouw, Vrij Nederland, Weekend and Grazia.Big online bloggerscampagne a.o. with Hebban, Thrillers & More, Thrillzone, Thrillerlezers, Vrouwenthrillers,, Boekenbijlage, Must Magazine, MustReads or not, Sanne Reads, Ramona Leest, Judith blogt solo, Perfecte Buren, De leesfabriek, De leestrein, Bookiewoogie, Books and dreams, Books I care about, Wij testen het.

David Mangene – HOW TO NOT KILL YOURSELF – non-fiction Lev.
Publicity a.o.: Interview of one hour on Radio 1 VPRO Nooit meer slapen; 1 page article in Playboy; review in Margriet; interview in VPRO gids.

Publicity a.o.: Newspapers: interview in AD/Werk; interview 1 pag. in NRC Carrière; interview in AD &Zo bijlage and article in HMC lokale dagbladen Noord-Holland.
Reviews and articles in Bol.LeesMagazine,,, Management Ondersteuners Magazine;
Interviews on, Management Support and as guest Podcast Over Spreken Gesproken.

Peter Wohlleben – DE GEHEIME BAND TUSSEN MENS EN NATUUR non-fiction Lev. – pub date 15-04-2020
Publicity among others: big interview in Happinez; Article in New Scientist; interview in Trouw; article in ZIN; review in VARA Gids. And articles and reviews in specials like Tuinseizoen, Staatsbosbeheer Magazine, Mijn Natuur, Sastra, Naar Buiten, Boekenkrant and Bol Leesmagazine.

Christian White – DE VROUW EN DE WEDUW – thriller A.W. Bruna – pub date 18-08-2020.
Reviews and booktips in Trouw, regionale dagbladen Noord-Holland, Veronica Magazine and Weekend Magazine.
Online bloggerscampagne – a.o. with Vrouwenthrillers, Thrillzone, Thrillers and More, ThrillerLezers,, De perfecte buren, Birdy’s Boekenblog and Books I Care About.

Nick Cook – GRID – thriller A.W. Bruna – pub date 25-08-2020.
Reviews and booktips in Jan Magazine, Grazia, ND bijlage Gulliver, HMC media regional newspapers Noord Holland.
Big online bloggerscampagne.

Juli 2019 – Januari 2020:
Marketing & publicity at A.W. Bruna Uitgevers
Projects a.o.:
Lisa Steltenpool – VEGAN VIBES – publishing date: 14-01-2020.
Publicity campaign: Interviews with Lisa in Flair (4 pages), Margriet, Vriendin (5 pages), Bol Leesmagazine and Jan Magazine (8 pages).
Articles and stories in Elle Eten, Foodies, Viva and Viva Mama, Women’s Health, Happinez, Vriendin Gezond Special, Cosmopolitan and several health and lifestyle blogs, and in newspapers: Trouw, Algemeen Dagblad, NRC and Volkskrant.
Events: Vegan Challenge with 12 influencers – they will eat vegan with their whole family for a weekend, using the recipes from the book VEGAN VIBES. All ingredients and products will be delivered and sponsored by EKO Plaza.
Booklaunch and Workshop Basic Vegan in the week of publication.

Florine Duif – MOEDER GENOEG – publishing date: 22-10-2019 – marketing, publicity and events.
Interviews in Ouders van nu, Algemeen Dagblad, Talkies, Radio 5 Open Huis, Omroep West and Omroep Brabant.
Articles and reviews: Fabulous Mama, Cosmopolitan, Nederlands Dagblad, AD, Jente Magazine and several big blogs.
Event: booklaunch with 40 influencers at The White Door Studio.

Marie Forleo – ALLES IS UITVOGELBAAR – publishing date: 8-10-2019
marketing and publicity. Articles and reviews in Viva, Veronica Magazine, Happinez, Flair, Story, Vriendin, Psychologie Magazine and several blogs.

Marjolein Dop en Monique Ammerlaan – DOE EFFE GEZOND – publishing date: 10-09-2019 – marketing and publicity
Interviews in Algemeen Dagblad, AD Koken & Eten, Vriendin Gezond Special (2 pages), column in Lekker Gezond Food Magazine, interviews at Radio 538 Coen & Sander show, Omroep West, NH Radio June tot 12 and Omroep Brabant.
Articles and reviews in Flair (4 pages), Santé, Veronica Magazine, Trouw Tijd Magazine, Vriendin and a big campaign on health, food and lifestyle blogs.

Katie Lowe – FURIE – publication date: 22-9-2019 – marketing, publicity, author-visit and events.
Publicity: a.o. interview in Parool and articles in Margriet, Linda, Fabulous Mama, Weekend and Inkt Magazine.
Bloggers campaign: meet & greet breakfast with 15 bloggers; interviews and articles on several blogs as,, ThrillersandMore, Vrouwenthrillers, Thrillerlezers, Books I care about, De Leestrein, In de boekenkast,; Kwante in Wonderland,
Event at De Beste Boeken Live for 60 booksellers, book signing and on stage interview.

Tara Swart – DE BRON – publication date 27-8-2019 – marketing and publicity.
Interviews in Happinez (5 pages), Radar Plus Magazine, Intermediair and
Articles and reviews in Telegraaf, Libelle, Yoga Magazine, Jan Magazine, Elsevier, Managementboek, The Optimist (5 pages) and Gezond Magazine.

October 2019 – November 2019:
Publicity for visit of Claudia Roden and the relaunch of her famous cookbooks, for Fontaine Publishers
Organising Claudia Roden’s visit to Holland. Interviews and press-event.
Interviews with mayor newspapers and magazines: in Telegraaf, Jan Magazine, Libelle, Flow Magazine, Parool, Trouw, HMC regional newspapers and guest at TV show Koffietijd.
Dinerevent at Hotel de Goudfazant Amsterdam for 60 press- and culi-celebs.

Juli 2019 – October 2019:
Publicity for the book OEI IK GROEI! Hét zwangerschapshandboek (The Wonder Weeks) by Xaviera Plas-Plooij.
Interviews a.o. in the newpapers Parool, Telegraaf Vrouw, AD Magazine and in Nederlands Dagblad. 
On TV and radio: guest at Koffietijd, Radio 5 Open Huis, Omroep West, NH Radio June tot 12 and SBS Shownieuws.

February 2019 – May 2019:
Publicity for Willem Frederik Erné – VAN DE LIEFDE EN DE ZEE
Marketing and publicity for the new novel of self-published author Willem Frederik Erné. Erné is writer, translator and musician for the theatershows of Seth Gaaikema, Tineke Schouten and Henk Elsink.
Interviews and reviews a.o.: interview at Radio RTV Utrecht Aan Tafel!, review in Story, interview in Leesmagazine, interview and reading at De Uitmarkt, spot at, readingsample in Blendle Kiosk, reviews en interviews on several lifestyle- and bookblogs as,,,,,,

February 2019 – April 2019:
Marketingpitch and book pitch for Indri Laraswati.
Helping Indri to write her cookbook-concept and proposal, the preliminary marketing and publicity plan, and the first draft of the book.

December 2018 – March 2019:
Publicity for Dosia Brewer – DOSIA BAKT VEGAN – 06-03-2019 – for Fontaine Publishers.
Events: A Demo vegan baking at Bookstore Scheltema for press and influencers; A Masterclass Vegan Baking in De Kookfabriek Amsterdam – payed event.
Publicity Campaign: Teaser-publications in Margriet (6 pages) and Delicious Magazine (8 pages); TV & Radio: in week of booklaunch Dosia was a guest at TV Show Tijd voor MAX and Radio 1 Mangiare. Interviews and reviews during and in the months after book launch: in Jan Magazine, Happy in Shape, Women’s Health, Plus Magazine, Foodies, Seasons, and on FavorFlav.
In april several times a guest at TV show 5 Uur Live.

December 2018 – March 2019:
Publicity and influencer-event for starchef PASCAL JALHAY and his cookbook BARU BELANDA, for Fontaine Publishers.
TV & Radio: guest at TV show 5 Uur Live and Koffietijd; radio interview at Mangiare Radio 1 and NH Radio Lunchroom.
Interviews en reviews in a.o.: Newspapers: Telegraaf (Felix Wilbrink), Volkskrant (Pay-Uun Hiu), NRC (Hassnae Bouazza), AD (Ellen den Hollander), Trouw (Sonja van de Rhoer).
Interviews and articles in magazines as Elle Eten, Foodies Magazine, Vision, Margriet, Jan Magazine, Women’s Health and Villa D’Arte; and on several big food & lifestyle blogs as, Favor Flav, Food & Friends and Karin Luiten’s blog.
Event: organising a big launchevent in Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam for 120 culi-hotshots, famous Dutch and press. Pascal Jalhay asked fourteen famous chefs, as Jaimie van Heije and Jermain de Rozario, to make their favourite Indonesian recepy for the guests. Their ode to the Indonesian kitchen.

December 2018 – Februari 2019:
Marketing, publicity and events for YOTAM OTTOLENGHI.
Organising publicity tour of star-chef and cookbook author Yotam Ottolenghi in February 2019 for his new cookbook SIMPEL, by Fontaine Uitgevers.
Interviews newspapers and magazines: a.o. in Telegraaf (Felix Wilbrink), Foodies (Yvonne Doorten), Jan Magazine (Petra Vethman), Allerhande (Jasmijn Beerthuis), FavorFlav (Renée Conradi), Delicious Magazine (Maureen Belderink).
Radio and TV: guest at TV show JINEK on Thursday 12 Feb; Interview on the Dam Amsterdam by Jigal Krant for TV Show Koffietijd; Interview by Janneke de Zeeuw for TV Show 5 uur Live; interview by Chris Bajema for Mangiare Radio 1; interview and item at TV show SBS Shownieuws.
Events: Cooking-workshop with Yotam Ottolenghi for 200 fans in De Kookfabriek Amsterdam (payed event); Exclusive Simpel-diner event with Yotam for 40 fans, press and influencers in Bookstore Scheltema Amsterdam.