‘Thinking about you’

Drawings, spraypaintings and paintings of my new design ‘Thinking about you’ – spraypaint, acrylpaint, Posca marker, charcoal, wasco stick. Based on a pencil drawing from 2008 of Tilda Swinton.

Le Penseur

I started experimenting with this design in January 2021. First in pencil and Posca marker. Now often mixing Posca with acrylpaint, spraypaint and wasco sticks.

My drawings as jigsaw puzzle

I’ve printed three of my pencil drawings as jigsaw puzzles, which took me hours and hours to make. But great fun 🙂

Popart paintings ‘Black & White’

Popart Series ‘Black & White’

My Popart series ‘Black & White’, painted with an acrylpaint-marker, of Clint Eastwood, Miles Davis, Ben Stiller, Salvador Dali, David Bowie and Nick Cave. They’re all based on my earlier pencil-drawings of them.

Acrylpaint marker on paper – 2019-2020

My drawing of David Bowie

Drawing of David Bowie

I finished this pencildrawing of David Bowie in November 2019. It took me about two months to draw it. Crazy enough, during the the months that I was drawing, I suddenly saw the same photograph everywhere on billboards in Amsterdam. The drawing is based on a photograph of © Gavin Evans, see for photograph here.

Pencildrawing – November-2019

The process of drawing David Bowie:

The proces of drawing Albert Einstein

The process of drawing Albert Einstein

Drawing of Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn is one of my favourite photographers that I use for my drawings. Especially his black & white portrait-photographs.
I have based this drawing of mine on a photograph of © Stephan Vanfleteren, see here.

Pencildrawing –February-2016

Drawing Anton Corbijn

My drawing of Iggy Pop

My pencildrawing of Iggy Pop. See below the drawing in process.

Pencildrawing – August-2019