My drawings as jigsaw puzzle

I’ve printed three of my pencil drawings as jigsaw puzzles, which took me hours and hours to make. But great fun 🙂

My drawing of David Bowie

Drawing of David Bowie

I finished this pencildrawing of David Bowie in November 2019. It took me about two months to draw it. Crazy enough, during the the months that I was drawing, I suddenly saw the same photograph everywhere on billboards in Amsterdam. The drawing is based on a photograph of © Gavin Evans, see for photograph here.

Pencildrawing – November-2019

The process of drawing David Bowie:

The proces of drawing Albert Einstein

The process of drawing Albert Einstein

Drawing of Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn is one of my favourite photographers that I use for my drawings. Especially his black & white portrait-photographs.
I have based this drawing of mine on a photograph of © Stephan Vanfleteren, see here.

Pencildrawing –February-2016

Drawing Anton Corbijn

My drawing of Iggy Pop

My pencildrawing of Iggy Pop. See below the drawing in process.

Pencildrawing – August-2019

My drawing of Salvador Dali

I made this pencil-drawing of Salvador Dali in May 2017, based on one of the most famous black & white photographs of Salvador Dali, made by © Philippe Halsman and is called ‘Dali’s Mustache’.

Pencil-drawing of Salvador Dali