I love streetart, stencil-art, tags and graffiti art. I myself started out using spraypaint on paper and canvas, still being a bit shy for trying it out in the streets. I used to visit an amazing spraypaint shop in Amsterdam, Henxs, just to look at their amazing collection of spraypaint cans and posca markers, books on streetart and their skateboard clothes. Always made me happy. My favourite shops have always been the ones that combine (street)art, books, music (preferably with someone behind a turntable) , graphic novels, vinyl art and skateboard fashion and accessories. That’s where the edge of the groove is. Anywhere in the world.

One day I just asked the guy behind the counter of Henxs to set me up with a starter-kit for spraypainting. He gave me some tips on how to spraypaint at home (water basis), some sjablones to try out, and six colours of spraypaint. And I was lost. For half a year I spraypainted and spraypainted. Trying out different materials, from different sorts and colours of paper, like crazy rolls of wallpaper, Japanese paper, sandpaper, sun bleach-paper, carbon paper, and fabrics, boxes, vinyl art poppets, and of course canvas and canvas board.

I design my stencils and sjablones with acrylpaint and Posca marker. First I try out different designs on paper, then I create a stencil from plastic and start experimenting with the design for a while with spraypaint. I now often use those designs again as a base for my canvas acrylpaint portraits.

My Frida Kahlo spraypaintings

I made my design of Frida Kahlo as an acryl-painting in black and white, turned it into a spraypaint-stencil, and then started experimenting with it. Later on I used the design for my acryl paintings on canvas.

My original acrylpainting of Frida Kahlo

Gorillaz spraypaint design

I’ve made a spraypaint design of the four guys of the band ‘Gorillaz’. Here are my paintings and spraypaintings so far.

March 12 2020

Spraypainting ‘Skull’ on ugly wallpaper

The proces of spraypainting my design ‘Skull Art’ on ugly wallpaper.